Test Post
Jun 15, 2002

This is a test post to make sure everything's working correctly.

I moved my main computer system to be a mostly-permenent Linux box for my job, but I missed Radio Userland, which is now the only Windows program keeping me in Windows at all. So I shuffled the stuff I had my 233MHz onto the main machine, and loaded up Windows XP onto my 233MHz Pentium I with 96MB RAM.

That took a while.

XP can be trimmed down to the point where it 'only' consumes 50 MB of main memory, which is comparable to earlier Windows. Since all it will be doing is running RU, it should be tolerable. Using rdesktop and GNOME's panel launcher, I've even got one-click access to the desktop on the machine from the Linux box, which is pretty cool.

Anyhoo, hello! Nice to be able to post again.

May 29, 2002

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, tell all your friends about the CBDTPA!! [Scripting News]

And remember, the The CBDTPA is immune to criticism while you're thinking about how to attack it.

I haven't watched the Flash yet; the server is still slashdotted. I hope that it's good quality.

Radio & Wine
May 26, 2002

You may have caught an earlier post on this topic if you're subscribed to the RSS feed. I got Radio working quite well under WineX* from Transgaming, but it's just flawed enough that I can't quite use it or fix it. But it's getting close...

Current summary of Radio in Wine:

Read the rest (587 words)

Job Update, other news
May 25, 2002

The good news is, I've got a summer job so I can continue to eat this summer, before going back to school and resuming the TA jobs.

The bad news is, the job has a lot of perl, and I'm a python kinda guy. Though I'll live. (And it's still up in the air whether I'll have to write any, difficult directly proportional to the quality of the existing code. I'm hoping the original code at least has use strict...)

The good news, it's pretty much a Linux-based job. Everybody uses Linux. I like Linux. I work in it well. In fact, other then Radio Userland, every major project I've ever worked on and major piece of writing I've ever done was done in Linux. I like it better then Windows, except...

The bad news is that I'm not getting Radio Userland to run in Linux at *all*. I guess I'll try a CVS of wine, but RU-in-Wine has regressed significantly since the last time I tried it a few months ago. As far as I can tell, it is totally incapable of performing any sort of network activity, which definately puts a damper on things. I really want the news aggregator, with the weblog posting a close second. I can live without the GUI interface. (What little of the GUI interface that was working also had a problem: The outlines displayed (progress over my last attempt), but once the left mouse button was depressed, the release event never got to RU, making things difficult to use.)

The good news is that after two+ years of blogging, I've finally found my groove. I feel like I've covered all the major issues I wanted to cover (see archives). I feel like the issues I'm covering are a lot easier to read about now then they were two years ago, let's hope that trend continues. Thus, I have seriously cut the volume down on this weblog, as you've probably noticed. That made me feel bad for a while, but I'm over that now and pretty comfortable with the posting frequency. I like putting things together and posting bigger things, since my thoughts often do not fit within a single blog entry. The point of all of this is that you'll probably not notice a decline in postings. But I'll miss the aggregator, if I can't get it working.

(Bonus posting: Don't link to anything here if you know what's good for your link, but you can see my working directory... let me know if there's anything you'd like to see finished, I'm more likely to get to it. Some of those are months old. I am trying to finish the face recognition one, but I haven't had time to sit down and work out the math lately; too much garden work to do.)

Neutral news, I have confirmed that there is only one application holding me back from switching to Linux full-time, and that's Radio Userland. If they ever produce a Linux version, or I ever get a Mac (more likely, with OSX I want one!), Windows may well disappear from my house.

MPAA to Senate: Plug the Analog Hole!
May 24, 2002

A month ago, the MPAA filed its report [PDF] with the Senate Judiciary Committee on the terrors of analog copying. I quote: "in order to help plug the hole, watermark detectors would be required in" -- are you sitting down? -- "all devices that perform analog to digital conversions." At their page Protecting Creative Works in a Digital Age, the Senate lays out the issues they'll be looking at, including briefs from corporate groups, and provides a comment form so your opinion can be heard as well. As Cory Doctorow writes: "this is a much more sweeping (and less visible) power-grab than the Hollings Bill, and it's going forward virtually unopposed. ...the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group is bare weeks away from turning over a veto on new technologies to Hollywood." Doctorow's article on the "analog hole" for the EFF does a great job of explaining the issues to non-electrical-engineers, and has many thought-provoking examples of how requiring such technology would be a giant step backwards.

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Ignorance is bliss.

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