Weblog Life Cycle shows iRights is sick. . .
Apr 28, 2002

I'd like to thank faisel.com for the weblog life cycle key; it's revealed to me that iRights is dangerously sick! I don't know how rapidly a weblog should be going around that loop, but I've been stuck on "Ranting about the DMCA" for over two years now! That can't be good.

I'll try hard to get to "Pontificating about technology" here as soon as possible; I know you dear readers are depending on me. . . probably been wondering what's taking me so long... my deepest apologies!

REST vs. RPC exploration
Apr 27, 2002

This is a technical post regarding something approaching a technical Holy War; if you're here for the internet stuff, please ignore the following.

Paul (Snively) says, This is the part I find baffling: someone as smart as Roland finds REST "harder to understand" than RPC! I'd be very interested—no sarcasm, as Dave would say—in hearing some comments about that, as I want to gain a better understanding of the issues so that my own ignorance doesn't become self-defeating in RPC and REST discussions. (Check the context if you're really interested in following this.) I had been conversing a bit in his comments, but I wanted to get this more out in the open.

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CIA Warns of Chinese Plans for Cyber-Attacks on U.S.
Apr 25, 2002

LA Times - Analysts fear government and private efforts to sabotage federal Internet sites. [Privacy Digest]

Believe it when you see it. The press is throwing cyber war warnings everywhere it can. . . most of them are quite unimportent. These threats always come to effectively nothing, even when the CIA or FBI issues them.

Remember, if it was that easy, it would be happening. It is that easy, and it is happening. Every day. Most of us don't notice. Sometimes a site we care about gets hacked; the backup tapes roll, the patches are applied, and life goes on. Threats of escalation are mostly empty posturing.

Silent-ish? It ain't the spring...
Apr 23, 2002

Kevin Fanning: "It seems like everyone is taking the Spring off from his or her website. At first I was weirded out, but now I see that it's probably a good thing. I mean let's face it."


Yeah, I wish that was the reason. Try "end of semester homework". . .

Interesting Referer use
Apr 20, 2002

'I've added a new feature to the home page of my weblog: automatic linkbacks to people who are linking to specific posts.'

This in a pretty interesting idea. The biggest problem with the weblog community is the difficulty of noticing people (trying to) conversing with you, if they aren't on your normal reading list. Interesting approach.

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