Apr 18, 2002

Help! Help! My Internet connection is failing!

Upshot, no posts.

A Google Idea
Apr 15, 2002

I don't have time to code this right now, but here's an idea for a Google API app. It's just the sort of thing webloggers would go for, a vanity macro.

Why is this interesting? Well, while I'm proud to still be in the top ten for CBDTPA,
many of the google queries I'm getting are quite interesting, albiet not in a Disturbing Search Requests way. Who would have guessed I have the top search result for "essay on tragic event to remind us of our blessings"?

This would be a really cool vanity thing. I may code it if nobody else does, but it'll be a while.

The Two Senators
Apr 11, 2002

In which I receive a non-response and an incorrect response to a query about the CBDTPA [Erehwon Notebook]

Regarding my earlier post about the grass-roots denouncement of the CBDPTA being essentially non-news, this provides some good, albiet anecdotal, evidence that supports my feeling that way.

Europe elbows Internet content 'blocking'
Apr 11, 2002

'The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to oppose the use of "blocking" as a way of regulating content on the Internet.

'The vote (460 in favour, 0 against and 3 abstentions) this morning means that ISPs will not be forced to restrict access to Web sites....

'[Ms Gosling] added that blocking is "technically difficult, democratically questionable and undoubtedly inefficient" and believes that there are far better ways to deal with content issues, such as using special hotlines and ratings systems.'

Copyright [CBDTPA] Bill Universally Rejected
Apr 10, 2002

This is an anti-blog-post. This story is totally unimportent. Thanks for anti-reading.

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