The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD
Mar 30, 2002

Interesting. Anyone know if this is any good? It doesn't have to be cool, just funny... I didn't even know this was ever a television series, I just thought it was a radio series.

Hollings Howls Will Have to Wait
Mar 30, 2002

'Sen. Patrick Leahy says a controversial proposal to embed copy protection in electronics gear will not become law this year.'

'Since Leahy is the powerful chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, his opposition instantly boosts the difficulty Hollywood studios will encounter in their attempts to enact sweeping copyright legislation.'

'The Vermont Democrat said through a spokesman that he "does not" support the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA), which Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-South Carolina) introduced this month.'

This is even better news then it may seem at first. The more time goes by, the more people are going to use the capabilities that will disappear if something like the CBDTPA passes, and the louder they will howl if it is taken away.

Yahoo Resets Marketing Info
Mar 29, 2002

A practical note today: For everyone who has an account with Yahoo, the bastards have reset your marketing preferences to "I beg you to deluge me with crap, including by phone and snail mail." I have confirmed that this includes people like me, who only have Yahoo accounts for yahoo groups.

Please read the Slashdot story and follow the directions on how to undo this. Of course, none of my readers were stupid enough to give their real address or phone number, right? ;-)

The CBDTPA is Immune to Criticism
Mar 25, 2002

I don't like to chime in on a topic unless I have something interesting to say; that's part of the reason I don't add many entries to iRights per day. But a couple nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, and happened to have a thought about the CBDTPA that I think might be very importent to those fighting it. It's a long thought, though, so I'll link you to The CBDPTA is Immune to (Conventional) Criticism. Hopefully, you'll find it not only interesting, but mind expanding.

"The more we debate against this bill, the more we marginalize ourselves.... The content industry raises their arguments, and progress their cause. We raise our counter-arguments, based on appeals to absurd results, and in the process, progress their cause all the further.... They can't lose!"

Jabber .8
Mar 23, 2002

A new release of the Jabber framework for RU and Frontier. (The prefs page will probably work only in RU.) Info in the title link, and the changes page (if you've installed it).

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