Dec 08, 2001

Goner Virus Authors Teens

'The teens [who created the Goner virus], ages 15 and 16, are high school students in the northern city of Nahariya, said Meir Zohar, head of the police computer crime squad.'

People really take the wrong thing away from this information. It doesn't mean these teenagers are extra smart somehow... the law of mediocrity applies. (Hmmmm... must write that one up.) If teens can create such a devastating email virus, that means serious holes in our system that even people who are almost children can exploit, not that today's teens are any smarter then before.


Nov 30, 2001

Countdown to Detonation Deconnection...
Well, if I go offline for an indeterminate amount of time, I lost my @Home connection. About all I can say is I don't expect to pay for downtime.

See you on the flip side!


Nov 29, 2001

Slashdot | Apple Cease-And-Desists Stupidity Leak
'Remember Apple's "free, plus $19.95 shipping" updater CD for Mac OS X 10.1? Turns out it's actually a full version of the operating system (which helps explain why it's so large) but it adds an extra little package called "CheckForOSX." Remove that and you can install 10.1 on any disk -- or at least, that's the secondhand version I got of what used to be at MacFixIt's Nov. 20 report, which yesterday was taken down after a note from Apple's lawyers.'

This story provides a great example of how money can bend the law your way. Apple's cease and desist letter says, in part:

Moreover, by providing instructions on how to modify and circumvent restrictions within the Software, you are infringing Apple's copyrights in violation of the Copyright Act and engaging in acts of unfair competition in violation of the Lanham Act.

It is now sufficient merely to observe how a copyright can be infringed, according to Apple, and to say it in public, to be responsible for an actual infringment.

Well, here's a few more: If you use a CD copier with an appropriate program, it is possible to copy the files on that disk to another disk. If you use a photocopier, you can copy any user manual Apple has every produced. If you use the File->Save command in your browser while looking at, you can save and subsequently distribute copies of Apple's home page.

Does anyone seriously think I violated any law with the previous paragraph?

Oh, Apple, in case your lawyers catch wind of this (unlikely), I have no Apple stuff on my computer, so be sure to omit the Apple's license agreement, which you accepted upon purchasing a copy of the Software, part of the nastygram.


Nov 29, 2001

Routes of Least Surveillance
Privacy from Companies, Surveillance and Privacy from Government
'The interactive, Web-based map catalogs most of the 2,400 cameras filming public space in the city, including cameras on buildings, ATMs and traffic lights. Users log on to the iSee website, select a point of departure and a destination, and a dotted line sketches a route around closed-circuit cameras marked as red boxes. Camera coverage is so dense that the island of Manhattan looks like a red chili pepper.'

Wow. Be sure to look at the enlarged screen shot.


Nov 29, 2001

DOJ's Already Monitoring Modems
Surveillance and Privacy from Government
'The Department of Justice already is using its new anti-terrorism powers to monitor cable modem users without obtaining a judge's permission first.'

I feel so much safer now.


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