"Web tripwires" reveal 1.3% of web pages altered in transit

Will integrity issues be heating back up?

... probably not. It looks to me, based on the project page, that the vast majority of modifications come from local proxies the user is running, and the remainder is just on-the-fly image compression, which I am broadly not opposed to, as the human perception integrity is mostly maintained. (Not in favor of, mind you, but not opposed.)

What Every Programmer Needs To Know About Encoding
Mar 31, 2008

In many modern languages, encoding errors are the number one cause of security flaws in software.

This is going to be long because if you don't have a deep understanding about what is going on, you too will write encoding-based security flaws. Given the widespread state of ignorance about this situation, including a large number of people who don't even believe there is a problem, I do not believe I can make this much shorter.

But before I can discuss any sort of solution, what exactly is the problem? Let us start with a parable.

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Mar 20, 2008

One of the little games I play with my spam is waiting for their incredibly bad random name schemes to come up with a name I actually recognize. Today I've had the closest hit yet: "Charles Brown", who, tragically, has turned to the Nigerian scam to fund his kite habit.

Oh, kite-eating tree, how low you have brought him.

Mar 14, 2008
U.S. consumer prices were unexpectedly flat last month - Wall Street Journal

Is it just me, or is every bit of economic news lately being prefaced with "unexpectedly"?

Is it just me, or has prediction gotten noticeably harder in the last year or so? Maybe I'm just paying attention more, but you name the prediction from this time last year, from the state of Iraq, to the economy, to the domestic political situation, and not a one of them is even close.

Edit: By the way, I mean the "Is it just me?" as an honest question, not a rhetorical device. Are things really getting harder to predict, or am I finally internalizing something that has always been as true as it is today?

Mar 12, 2008

If this article really demonstrates anything, it's the need for an independent press.

If you're dependent on the entities you are reporting on to get your news about those entities, you not independent. Levels of independence vary along a continuum, but most organizations are deep in "dependent" territory.

Commercial journalism has made its peace with this, because they get eyeballs whether they spend the money to pound the pavement, or just re-run press releases and report on what everybody else reports on. I see no way to fix this.

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