Aug 21, 2001

Technology Review - Taming the Web
Technology & Sociology
'Nonetheless, the claim that the Internet is ungovernable by its nature is more of a hope than a fact. It rests on three widely accepted beliefs, each of which has become dogma to webheads. First, the Net is said to be too international to oversee: there will always be some place where people can set up a server and distribute whatever they want. Second, the Net is too interconnected to fence in: if a single person has something, he or she can instantly make it available to millions of others. Third, the Net is too full of hackers: any effort at control will invariably be circumvented by the world's army of amateur tinkerers, who will then spread the workaround everywhere.'

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Aug 21, 2001

Chinese webmaster tried for subversion
Country Watch- China
'A Chinese website creator accused of posting subversive articles on the internet has been tried in secret in China.'

'Mr Huang published the website, It contained articles about pro-democracy activism in China, the banned spiritual group Falun Gong and the independence movement in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.'

Aug 21, 2001

So. Africa Weighs Police Spy Law
'South Africa is about to approve a wiretapping law that bans private citizens from eavesdropping but hands police broad surveillance powers.'

'Last month, South Africa's cabinet quietly agreed to the Interception and Monitoring Bill, which orders Internet providers and telephone companies to create "monitoring centers" for police, and forwarded it to the parliament for ratification.'

'The legislation, which has prompted an outcry among the country's Internet users, also restricts privacy-protecting encryption products, bans anonymous Internet access, and allows law enforcement to conduct surveillance with minimal oversight.'

Aug 21, 2001

Web sites fail global privacy standards--US study
Privacy from Companies
'A survey of 75 corporate Web sites released Thursday found that none measured up to a set of international standards for ensuring the privacy of customers' personal information. While many of the Web sites surveyed were found to provide adequate data privacy in one or two areas, the Andersen Consulting study found that none met all six privacy guidelines developed between the United States and the European Union last year.'

Wow! Must have been harsh guidelines!

'The guidelines require companies to: notify consumers what they do with personal data such as names and e-mail addresses; use the information only for its stated purpose; allow consumers to examine and correct data collected about them; give them a choice to forbid sharing that information for marketing purposes; store the data in a secure manner; and provide recourse for consumers whose privacy has been violated.'

Or not.

Aug 21, 2001

SDMI Code-Breaker Speaks Freely
'On Wednesday evening, Felten took the stage in front of a crowded auditorium in the lower level of the J.W. Marriott hotel, took a deep breath, and launched into a discussion of his co-authored paper, "Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMI Challenge."'

TechNet 'cast, including PDF of the paper.

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