Jan 19, 2008

Why hope Obama gets the nomination? Some good reasons right here.

I don't particularly like his politics (of course), but in terms of charm and the other soft graces that can be oh-so-useful, he's the clear leader so far in both races.

And if a lot of white people in this country vote Obama, it's going to rock identity politics to its core, something I think is long overdue. I think claiming the country is intrinsically and deeply racist is already unsupported by the evidence, but what will the race-mongers do when we can point at a President as "diverse" as Barack Hussein Obama?

Jan 12, 2008

I conservatively estimate my endorsement to count for precisely 0 votes, but I'm going to endorse Fred Thompson.

This is not based on any of his particular views other than his repeated support of stronger Federalism, per my recent posts on the topic.

If I had to sell Federalism to the general public, rather than discussing pragmatics, I'd point out that on average, with stronger states, "everybody wins". Or at least at the state granularity, states hardly being politically homogenous, everyone wins. Californians can go be liberal, Texas can go be conservative, and we can all get on with it. Maybe even learn something about policy by seeing what happens when different people do different things.

Oh, of course it's still important to like the President and I wouldn't expect that to sway you from voting Democratic if you swing that way; after all, he still gets to pick Supreme Court justices and there are certain issues that can only be resolved at the Federal level, such as whether state A is obligated to honor state B's marriage that would have been illegal in state A. But other than the Justice issue, I think a lot of us can get behind a guy whom we can hope will wield the veto pen somewhat more freely on all kinds of things and let our local state sort it out.



... Do I really believe his Federalism would survive his first day in office? Naw, I'm way too cynical for that!

But at least he's talking the talk. That puts him ahead of the rest of the field.

Update: A-yup.

Inevitable Backlash
Jan 09, 2008

In my non-humble opinion, my Differential Equations class bordered on the useless. DiffieQ has a few very valuable lessons to learn, but they are buried in a whole lot of cruft that has little value, both from a theory perspective and from a practical perspective.

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Dec 30, 2007

I would not be at all surprised to see [Christmas spending] begin to shrink in the years ahead, or at least fall below the rate of growth. My reasoning is simple. I want people to stop giving me stuff. I’ve got too much stuff already.

...we have more clothes than we can wear, more DVDs than we can watch, more food than we can eat, and more gizmos than we can figure out how to use. We don’t need any more, and increasingly, we don’t want any more.

...This makes gift giving quite difficult. Most of the people I know are in the same boat, which means finding something they want to have, but don’t already possess, it really hard. We gave a lot of gift cards this year, because the alternative is to spend time finding something we think might be appropriate, and half the time the recipient just pretends to like or want it when the first thing they think when they see it is who they can re-gift it to, in order to get rid of it as fast as possible. - Buddy Hollis on QandO

I endorse this fully.

We just moved, and there is nothing like moving for causing you to question why you have all this "stuff". We've actually managed to keep things fairly focused (moving every year will do that), but even so, we've got a lot of "stuff". And what did we get for Christmas this year? Despite explicitly and repeatedly asking for "not more stuff", we got... stuff. Mostly pointless. I hate to call out any gift in particular in the unlikely event the givers reads this, but mostly it was just... stuff.

I'll tell you what I did appreciate, though. I appreciate the people who got us giftcards, in accordance with what we asked for. (As with any new home, there's some things that need doing, and hardware gift cards are helpful. I don't even know yet what all they will be spent on, but they shall certainly be put to good use.) I appreciate my sister's gift this year, a homemade sign to put near our door, customized with our name and pets. Now that's a nice gift!

Dec 26, 2007

So my cat, as he does so often, hops in a box. (He's loved the moving.)

My wife absentmindedly mumbles, "cat in a".

I'm on the computer, and I think, hmmmm.


(Note: Not porn.)

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