Nov 28, 2000

PA Court Establishes Protections For Online Critics
Free Speech
11/28/2000; 4:11:49 PM 'In a ruling that establishes new protections for anonymous online authors, a state court judge here said today that public officials and others cannot use frivolous defamation lawsuits to ferret out the identity of their critics....

'"Until today, a public official or employer claiming defamation could get a court to disclose the name of an anonymous Web author simply by filing a lawsuit," said ACLU National Staff Attorney Ann Beeson, who litigated the case along with attorneys from the ACLU of Pennsylvania's Greater Pittsburgh Chapter.'

Nov 28, 2000

Judge Orders Returned
General IP Issues
11/28/2000; 1:57:40 PM

'Adding a definitive chapter to one of the seamiest and steamiest disputes in Internet legal history, a federal judge ordered the domain name be returned to the man who registered it six years ago.'

The most fascinating domain theft story finally comes to a close... hopefully.

Nov 28, 2000

Bertelsmann Eyes Napster Pact
Music & MP3
11/28/2000; 1:48:22 PM 'German media giant Bertelsmann said on Monday it had begun talks with other music majors on a business model for its song-swap partner Napster and was hopeful they would join the ground-breaking alliance.

'"It's all worked out. We have a model," Bertelsmann eCommerce Group chief executive Andreas Schmidt said. "We are bringing it forward now to the other parties ... hearing their concerns, getting their input."'

I look forward to hearing what this model is.

Nov 24, 2000

Should ISPs Be Allowed To Delete Your MP3s?
Free Speech
11/24/2000; 7:26:27 PM A slashdot article.  Can ISPs unilaterally delete your information from their servers without even notifying you, even if there's nothing whatsoever illegal about it, simply because... it makes them nervous?  Well, today, the answer seems to be yes.  I think this is a perfect example of what you get when you start holding ISPs responsible for what their customers do.

Nov 23, 2000

Online ad companies hit with privacy suits
Privacy from Companies
11/24/2000; 12:12:09 AM

'Web advertisers Avenue A and MatchLogic, an Excite@Home subsidiary, were hit with separate complaints in federal court Monday for allegedly tracking customers without their permission. Both companies declined to comment on the suits.

''Plaintiffs allege that (the defendant) has covertly, without consent or authorization, planted 'cookies' upon Internet users' computer hard disk drives and secretly tracked their movements across the Internet," the plaintiffs charged in a filing in Denver, Colo.'

Hmmm... you know, this could actually work, or at least make them more cautious in the future.

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