Oct 03, 2000

China Clamps Down On Internet
Country Watch: China10/3/2000; 12:48:33 PM 'It was National Day in China on Monday, the start of a weeklong holiday, and the government chose the occasion to lay down the Internet law...'The code holds websites responsible for blocking vast categories of content, from pornography and gambling to any kind of political commentary the Communist Party views as threatening....'"The government wants to increase foreign trade, not foreign ideas," [Steve Schwankert, the managing editor at] said. "ISPs have always been under the microscope. Apparently they just switched to a much higher-power lens."'

Oct 03, 2000

Barnes & Noble Challenge 1-Click Preliminary Injunction
10/3/2000; 12:17:52 PM ' Inc.'s fight to bar rival Barnes& Inc. from using a patented single-click online purchasing method goes before a federal appeals court, which will hear arguments today in a case that could shape the future of Internet business.'

Slashdot's coverage includes some insightful comments, including one person pointing out that this is not a challenge to the patent directly, but a challenge to the preliminary finding in favor's of Amazon's suit to stop B&N from using "one-click" shopping, which the story does not make clear.

Oct 03, 2000

Boom Box
Technology & Sociology10/3/2000; 10:09:26 AM 'On any time line that describes this phase of capitalism, you would have to include (in addition to Nov. 9, 1989) April 4, 1994 (birthday of Netscape), Nov. 10, 1994 (birthday of, May 5, 1996 (birthday of eBay) -- and Aug. 4, 1997. Aug. 4, 1997, was the beginning of the end of another socialistic force in American life: the mass market. Forty years from now when you have your grandson on your knee and he asks you, "Grandma, how did 50 million Americans ever let themselves be talked into buying the same mouthwash?" you will say, "Well, you have to know how things were before Aug. 4, 1997."'Granted, this isn't exactly about the Internet, but it's strongly related to the same basic trends.

Oct 02, 2000

Napster Vs. RIAA resumes today
Music & MP3
10/2/2000; 9:10:45 AM FYI, expect a load of Napster/RIAA posts to resume as one of the more interesting cases resumes in court.

Oct 01, 2000

Public Debate Between Valenti and Lessig
10/1/2000; 10:33:06 PM A public debate between Lawrence Lessig, law professor and internet activist, and Jack Valenti, head of the MPAA has occurred, which this Slashdot story chronicles.

The debate has been archived. I haven't listened yet, and I don't know if I will find the time, but it is likely to be extremely interesting.

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