Sep 14, 2000

Napster Goes on the Offensive
Music & MP39/14/2000; 2:59:35 PM 'In what could be a last great act of defiance, Napster lawyers filed their final written brief before the copyright infringement case goes to trial. 'The brief accuses the recording industry of withholding licensing, and disputes claims that the company's file-trading application violates copyright law.'Here's the brief.

Sep 12, 2000

Update or the Lack Thereof
Personal Notes9/12/2000; 10:53:23 AM My grandfather is in the hospital for a quadruple bypass surgery and a
valve replacement. Updates may be sporadic or slow the next few days
if it doesn't go well. Please bear with me.

Sep 12, 2000

Selling Yourself Bit by Bit
Privacy from Companies9/12/2000; 10:27:54 AM 'Right at this moment, some marketing fat cat is selling your demographic data -- maybe your shoe size, your favorite color, or how you like your eggs cooked -- and you're not seeing a penny of the profits. 'But according to Jeff Oriecuia, a spokesman for a new company called Zimtu, you may soon be able to get some of that green.'Unfortunately, I can't say I have much faith in the company's marketing scheme, which is to create Yet Another Instant Messenger and use the registered users as a base to grow. Since they want their own registered users base, it probably goes without saying it won't interoperate with anything else. I'm not sure it will be compelling enough for Joe Public to switch.The site is four pages away from being non-existent, don't bother visiting.I hope this succeeds, despite my skepticism on their marketing and their lack of web page. If people gain the perception that their personal data has value, they'll start to scream loudly at those companies extracting it and not paying them for it. If Zimtu succeeds, half the privacy war against companies is over, because suddenly the public will have a clear understanding of the value of their $tati$tics.Please support it.

Sep 12, 2000

Congress Next in Copyright Tiffs
General IP Issues
9/12/2000; 10:17:17 AM '"When the outcome of the Napster case comes out, the losing side is going to be all over Capitol Hill next session and there will be your legislative battle," said Robert Kruger, vice president of enforcement at the Business Software Association.'

iRights isn't going out of business anytime soon, it looks like. I've guestimated my commitment to this site at 4-5 years before things settle down enough that there's no general need to cover then anymore.

Sep 11, 2000

IE feature can track Web surfers without warning
Privacy from Companies9/11/2000; 5:49:04 PM 'Microsoft today said it is investigating a possible privacy loophole in its Internet Explorer browser that could thwart efforts by people who want to surf the Web anonymously. The feature in IE 5 and above, referred to by Microsoft as "persistence," is designed to let Web pages remember information, such as search queries, entered by visitors.'There are other good reasons to turn this feature off. You should not leave importent passwords on your computer if possible; since the feature is either "off" or "on", you can't seperate the importent passwords from the unimportent ones. (And I have some importent ones. The iRights password is kinda dear to me, for instance ).This is yet-another technology with unanticipated side effects. Paul, if you're looking, these last few snafus with Microsoft (macro viruses being the big one) have definately convinced me that capabilities-based security is indeed the way to go

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