Aug 21, 2000

Kevin & Kell - August 21, 2000
8/21/2000; 8:24:48 AM This an awesome cartoon; don't read the whole archives unless you have hours to spare.

Today's fits into Privacy from Companies quite well.

Aug 18, 2000

The Heavenly Jukebox
Music & MP3
8/18/2000; 2:46:53 PM 'Rampant music piracy may hurt musicians less than they fear. The real threat -- to listeners and, conceivably, democracy itself -- is the music industry's reaction to it '

Long and well worth reading. As linked... everywhere else

Aug 18, 2000

Digital Copyright Act comes back to haunt consumers
8/18/2000; 10:16:05 AM 'Kaplan's ruling in the New York case was sweeping and deeply troubling for anyone who cares about fair use and, ultimately, the First Amendment. He likened software code to a disease, implying that the people who used it were acting like agents of germ warfare. He seemed to acknowledge the radically anti-free speech nature of his banning of hyperlinks in this matter, but then went ahead and did it anyway.

'There's little doubt at this point that the courts will continue to rule in favor of the entertainment industry in these kinds of cases. The DMCA, which has some temporary exceptions that the industry wants to eliminate, is one of the most anti-consumer acts of recent times. But it's the law, unless the higher courts re-read the Constitution and restore some balance.'

Aug 17, 2000

Judge Kaplan's MPAA vs. DeCSS Decision
DVD & DeCSS8/17/2000; 2:36:40 PM Judge Kaplan has ruled in favor of the MPAA in the DeCSS case. This is not a surprise, and opens the door for the inevitable appeal and show-down in a higher court.The high-rated Slashdot comments seem fairly insightful. I agree with many of them; the judge seems to have ruled completely within the bound of the DMCA, and basically dodged the issue of whether the DMCA is constitutional.You'll be hearing more from this suit, I'm sure.

Aug 17, 2000

Outline Browser
Fun Stuff!
8/17/2000; 1:07:19 PM If you have IE5+ and Javascript active, you can use the Outline Browser I whipped together last night. It allows you to view and even browse file conforming to Dave Winer's outline XMLization.

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