Expanding Brain (ExBr), an outlining blog
May 07, 2005
Iron Lute

Blog of interest: Expanding Brain (ExBr), a blog about "Windows outliners, software development and starting a new business". Also of note is that the author has set up a wiki for outliner topics.

The author and I have been exchanging emails, comparing development notes.

Google Accelerator Breaks The Web?

SomethingAwful is an relatively old Internet Humor site, which may not be to your tastes. That said, their complaints and article about the effects of Google Accelerator seem to be well backed up, and I haven't seen this information come through my normal channels; even some of the dedicated Google weblogs don't seem to have picked this up yet... well, at least the ones I can get through to at the moment.

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May 03, 2005

XBLinJS 0.4.1 is released.

In the unlikely event your browser has SVG support built in, see the SVG Widget demo. Simple, but real.

May 03, 2005

One of the promises of XBLinJS was that you'd be able to use it for more than just HTML. I have to admit that at the time, I was only about 80% certain that I could do that. But I saw this article, and combined with the recent market successes of Firefox and some personal projects of interest that could be used there, I took a few hours tonight and tried to create an SVG Widget. (Note that the real story with FireFox is they plan to "turn on" the SVG support for everybody in 1.1; it has existed for a while, but in a highly experimental form.)

I succeeded; it turns out my DOM2 support (via DOM2Flavor) had several serious shortcomings, so probably I was the only one who could get it to work, but by and large I created an SVG widget today. It is a blue rectangle that, when clicked, grows vertically by 10 pixels. It may not be exciting but it does provide a proof of concept, and it is directly part of an XHTML page, not an embedded object. (I am not certain if XBLinJS can be used on SVG images embedded via object tags.)

That said, it seems likely to me that my next major conversion job is to convert a drag-and-drop library into XBLinJS, and experiment with some SVG stuff for 0.5, hopefully with the same drag-and-drop libraries working both for HTML and for SVG. (Theoretically it can be done, but we'll see.)

A 0.4.1 release will likely be made over the next couple of days to include the at-least-partially-functional DOM2 support, and some other minor bug fixes I encountered along the way. The demo will also be updated, even though it is likely the SVG support will only work in a very small number of Mozilla installations.

On Evolution
May 02, 2005

Springboarding from here, discussing an article on how Darwinians
may be their own worst enemy

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