XBLinJS 0.4 Release Plans
Apr 09, 2005

Features are always in flux until such time as the release occurs, but here is the current plan for 0.4:

No promises on any front, but that is the plan. I have no idea when this release will be because while I am using XBLinJS a lot in almost all of my current projects, a public release is a lot of work with no immediate and obvious benefit to either me or the project at the moment, and I have no idea when I'm going to be able to spare that time over the next few months. I'm getting dangerously close to living in those "interesting times" of the famed (if apocryphal) Chinese curse.

XBLinJS Version 0.3 Released
Apr 06, 2005

XBLinJS version 0.3 is released; get it at SourceForge.

A demo page is available, though at the moment I think it will still only impress serious Javascript programmers.

For people who don't really care about XBLinJS per se, but do care about web development issues, you may wish to check out my dangerously-close-to-rant statements about my experiences with Mozilla's technologies. (The only things saving them from being a rant is that I propose that XBLinJS, or at least something like it, is a solution to the issues I raise; I tend to think of rants as things with little or no constructive value.) This is why an XBLinJS release announcement is posted also on my blog's front page.

(I've already found a new bug in the .3 release; inherited className values can't be retrieved correctly with .get(). However, since AFAIK 0 people are using this library, I'm not going to make a new release for that one. Use the CVS if it ever becomes a problem for you.)

Why Should I Learn Math?
Mar 04, 2005

"Why should I have to learn math, when I don't use it much?" is a very
good question.

If I've ever seen a really good answer to this question, I don't
remember it.

But I've finally figured out how to express something that has been
gestating in my head for a while. I know why you need to learn

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Feb 18, 2005

I said it before when the EULA for Service Pack 2 came out, but it's time to say it again: It really is time to abandon Microsoft Windows. This time, I say this because of this sort of thing: Not only are the spyware authors developing faster than Microsoft can, they are now firmly venturing into the territory where Microsoft can't win, even in theory, without drastic measures that few users are going to take.

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Feb 17, 2005

I'm kind of surprised that at least as of this writing, almost nobody seems to have mentioned the Daily Show's blog-stravaganza last night. Fortunately, one of the major exceptions here is providing downloads... well, trying at least. Maybe somebody'll mirror it. (I can't, that'd kill my bandwidth in an hour and this account is hosted as a favor to a friend; I try to avoid torturing it :-) .)

It was pretty good, as you'd expect, and definately the funniest take on the Eason and Gannon issues to date, showing that while the conventional media may not be adapting well, the conventional non-media seem to be doing pretty well. While this is the first time the Daily Show has directly covered blogs in a big way, there are several times they've done a bit on a story covered mostly in the blogs, before it penetrated to the mainstream. IIRC (and I may not be), they beat the mainstream press to the punch on Rathergate (or "Danron", which I still prefer on a number of levels, but oh well...). Clearly they've got someone with their eye on the blogs.

The Daily Shows makes me wonder if the new media don't need a 10-Step Program for adapting to the new world, but just a 1-Step Program: Take yourselves a little less seriously. Of course, you don't have to go to satire, but if they just took themselves a little less seriously, they'd probably have less problem with a satirical news program quite often beating them on true journalism. If the "MSM" didn't hold themselves in a newsprint-stained Ivory Tower, most of their problems would largely go away. Oh well, not my problem.

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