Server working, I think
Oct 23, 2003

I think I finally got this new server configured and my affairs straightened. The plan is to finish my essay Monday, if the server stays up and this posts correctly. Hopefully not too many of you have automatically unsubscribed due to intermittent server performance...

Big News (for me)

Four months after graduating, I have finally gotten a job! I think it's going to work out pretty well. I feel much better about things now.

The commute home to my current residence from work is two hours and fifteen minutes, assuming everything goes perfectly. I'm working on moving as quickly as possible to something closer to the area. (Fortunately my wife actively wants to move and is very excited about this all.) As a result my Internet connection will be in and out over the next couple of weeks.

Therefore, I won't publish the final chapter of my essay until my life has stabalized a bit. Call me an optimist but I'd like to hope it causes a bit of a reaction and I'd like to have the Internet connection to respond to it with. It is done, though, so it'll be up soon, next couple of weeks.

In other news, if you're reading this, you're getting this off of the new server. Hopefully everything will work OK.

Boy, it's a relief to finally have a job. I didn't expect to graduate into near joblessness after a Masters in computer science. Thank goodness I got something before the student loans started to come up...

Is the real TiVolution beginning?
Sep 25, 2003

The new television season is beginning and it seems NBC has fired the first shot across the bow of the Personal Video Recorder owner's ships.

According to TiVo, today's new episode of "ER" on NBC starts precisely at "9:59 p.m.". Yes, that's "9:59", not "10:00", "9:59".

Update: I just took a look at the rest of tonight's NBC lineup. "Friends" runs from 8:00 to 8:48p.m., Will and Grace from 8:48p.m. to 9:27p.m., and some show I've never heard of called "Coupling" ("Six single friends chase after love and intimacy in the Windy City"... yeah, sounds original to me, too) is running from 9:27 to the aforementioned 9:59p.m. The network news is running as normal, then "The Tonight Show" runs from 11:35p.m. to 12:37a.m., and the Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien runs until 1:36a.m. (These last two times may be somewhat normal, as they are shown for several otherwise-normal nights, too.)

Why is this interesting?

The top CBS hit "CSI" is on from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m. I can't imagine we're the only TiVo household to be recording both CSI and ER. Because of the one-minute overlap, the TiVo will refuse to record both.

I suspect that NBC is happy with either result, "ER" isn't recorded in favor of CSI, or "CSI" doesn't get recorded, "accidentally".

So is this how television is going to go? Not product placements, but a television schedule full of 73 minute long shows starting at 3:43p.m.?

I honestly don't know what to say about this. This is just pathetic.

Update: Forgot to mention there's a workaround, of course: Use the manual recording settings (the ones that work even without TiVo service) to record NBC from 10:00p.m. to 11:00p.m. Odds are missing the first minute of ER won't cost you much... Considering that TiVo is probably positively correlated with the technical know-how to do that sort of thing, I question how effective this is even going to be and I wish I could have access to TiVo's statistics over the next couple of days to see how many people figured this out.

In other news, there's a domain shift coming up for that may take a few days to propogate. You should not notice a difference, but there may be a blip in my postings because I'll be shifting to the new server and your DNS may not catch up for up to three days. If a telemarketer calls, be sure to inform them in great detail how rapidly Congress moved to re-affirm how much they suck. The final posting of my Communication Ethics essay will be in a few days after the domain shift settles down. There, I think that takes care of business.

Request for Help
Sep 22, 2003

I'm tired of being told what to think. Even by people I ostensibly agree with.

Does anyone have a good resource for reasonably unbiased news? By which I mean reasonably objectively unbiased news. Obviously one can go to CSPAN and watch the source, but nobody has time for that.

In particular, I'm envisioning a news source that provides simple summaries of important speeches with an effort to avoid bias. I mention this criterion since I think it can be determined relatively objectively. I'd like to expand this but I'm having a hard time making sure objectivity can be maintained.

I'm looking for the Cliff's Notes of news, here: straightforward summarization of the important points. RSS a plus. Statistical techniques used to determine what constitutes a "story" a big plus. (Imagine that, an honest cross-section of even one day.)

Mail me or link to this article so it shows in my referrers if you have a lead. I'll point to the good stuff... if there is any.

Maybe if this stuff still doesn't exist in a couple of years I'll create a site where people can dynamically collaborate on summarizing speeches as they are made... by then I'll have the technology.

E-mail straightened away... spammer who doesn't get it...
Sep 21, 2003

I finally got all my email straightened out and to my relief it's been piling up in a mailbox, not just emptying out into the ether. *phew* I would definately have lost my subscriptions to my mailing lists.

While trolling through the 1170 messages I've accumulated and ridding myself of the spam (oi!), I found this spam title from a spammer who Doesn't Get It: "Erection Cure" (emphasis mine). Somebody revoke his spamming license!

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