Chapter 7 - A New Model for Copyright

Today's chapter focuses on a better way to model communication for copyright purposes then the expression model. This will come in very handy later.

As you might have guessed, I still wasn't necessarily done with the essay when I started to post it; I knew I'd never finish. I actually just figured out how to phrase the final point a few days ago. I'm a little relieved, since it's been eluding me for about three years now. I wasn't sure I'd make it before I'd like to be done with this.

An excellent sign
Jul 29, 2003

'EFF, EPIC, CDT, ACLU and Free Congress have drafted a bill that's been introduced by Senator Wyden today, for a new law called "The Citizens' Protection in Federal Databases Act."

This is an excellent sign. I think it's time for the EFF et al to go on the offensive; fighting court battles is necessary and unavoidable, but you're constantly on the defensive and you will lose at least some of the time. Even if this bill doesn't pass, it's a metaphorical shot across the bow for the groups who have controlled the debate to date.

It doesn't have to pass to have an impact, just make a good showing. Here's hoping.

Defeating Bayes Filters
Jul 25, 2003

Follow-up to my previous Bayes-aren't-the-ultimate-filter posts, here's the author of one of the filters describing how to use Bayes to fight Bayes. Must remember to add a link to my Bayes Report sometime.

Voting Machine Analysed, Found Wanting
Jul 24, 2003

From the linked site:

The authors have done a security analysis of Diebold code that was downloaded from an open FTP site earlier this year. While the paper is technical, significant portions of it can be read easily by a non-computer scientist.

Read the rest (679 words)

Chapter 6 of the Ethics of Modern Communication

Chapter 6 of The Ethics of Modern Communication is now available.

The delay comes from the fact it was really too long to deal with and I kept putting it off. Once I realized the problem I cut it in half, and it got a lot more managable.

After all, demolishing the foundation of more then a century of law should be enough for any one chapter. Next time, we build up something to replace it.

Here's the HTML, or grab the PDF (714,004 bytes, 71 pages).

I may accelerate the next couple to get back on "schedule"; I'd really like to be done with this.

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