Atkins Update - the first five days
Jan 11, 2003

Today is the fifth day of being on the Atkins diet, so how is it going?

The second and third day really sucked, but that's partially my fault. The book mentions that you can experience lightheadedness and headaches on those days, and recommends that you go ahead and up the carbohydrate count, rather then feel bad. Regrettably, I forgot about that section until it was basically too late.

I feel fine now, however; not exactly bursting with energy on the one hand, but on the other, for the first time in months or possibly even years I got up quite naturally at around 7:30 am, which is as much as 3 to 4 hours earlier then I normally get up. In fact I couldn't even stay asleep if I wanted to.

Of course there is a question about whether it's the diet or the vitamins it strongly recommends taking. It's always difficult to conduct any sort of scientific study on one's self.

It's too soon to know if I've lost any weight, as anything that would have been lost by now would be swamped by daily normal fluctuations, but getting up early naturally was worth reporting. The real question is whether this will last; many changes in the past have temporarily "fixed" my sleep cycle, but in a matter of days I'm back to normal. Will this last? And will I be able to stay awake all day, rather then getting up earilier and paying it back later? Only time will tell.

Starting the Atkins Diet
Jan 07, 2003

As of today at breakfast, I started the Atkins Diet, a controversial diet for the last thirty years. I mention this here both to document why I did this (so others can see the reasoning behind it and compare it to their own), and for some level of public accountability.

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Professors Vie With Web for Class's Attention
Jan 02, 2003

Universities are rushing toward a wireless future... But professors say the technology poses a growing challenge for them: retaining their students' attention.

Eh, ignore the computers, and if the student flunks, the student flunks. Schools are supposed to have standards anyhow. The only angle I sympathize with the professor on this one is the part where they express concern about the laptops bothering other students, which is justifiable, but should be handled like any other anti-social behavior in a classroom; just because it involves a computer doesn't make it any different then flinging a paper airplane across the room.

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"Empire" and Intellectual Honesty
Dec 30, 2002

"People who ascribe to us the most base motives imaginable, using ancient rhetoric from 80 years of Marxist failure have, as usual, had to confront the fact that everything they believe in is demonstrably and spectacularly wrong. Despite their shrieking words and foaming mouth, the history of our actions makes liars of them all. It is a truth so simple, written so large and so clearly, that even the most liberal among us can understand it."

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Uhhh... now what?
Dec 25, 2002

What do you do with a topic-based weblog when you've effectively run out of things to say that aren't redundent to stuff already in the archives?

(My answer later, but I want to give the question a chance to percolate.)

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