Jeff Jarvis on Topics instead of Articles
Oct 06, 2008
Iron Lute

This article on the importance of bringing a topic focus to the news is very important. The thesis is that the article-by-article nature of modern news is incapable of covering issues on any but the most trivial of levels, since every (short) article needs to start from scratch.

If you've felt like the news media can't ever seem to get past the first couple of days of Econ 101 (or other equivalent topics), this is why. They are structurally incapable of it.

My BlogBooks are also an attempt to address this. Weblogs have the advantage of being able to use links, but it is still hard to build up coverage, and still easy to say the same things over and over again. Since I really hate to do that, my posting frequency has tended to drop off. (One only has so many truly new blog entries in them.)

(Oh, and while I chose not to talk about it here since it's not really the focus of this site, the recent birth of my son leaves less useful time for such things. But that's only a recent change, I've had low posting frequency for a while.)

The BlogBooks are acceptable for me (and I hope to get back to them someday, I have a lot of stuff written but it needs the final editing pass), but in general they won't work for media organizations. They need something more like a hybrid Wiki approach. I've seen people try to implement hybrid Wiki/Blogs, built because of this need, but I'm yet to see one that I feel was used to actually build up coverage in the manner we're looking for. You need more than just making the Wiki technology available; somehow we've got to make it easy to build up progressions of posts into a coherent whole, and there are some fundamental contradictions between a post/article and the sort of coherent whole we're looking for.

Under the hood, I've actually done some work with my BlogBooks that make it possible for a book entry to have its own header and footer, so that the weblog manifestation of the entry can actually be slightly different than the BlogBook manifestation, but that is definitely not adequate.

Now that I type this up, I've actually got some ideas based on some of the Iron Lute work I've been doing recently, but they aren't well-formed enough to post here. I was going to segue from the preceding paragraph into a claim that it may not really be possible, but maybe it is. But not with the current way we deal with text; without a richer conception of text, the fundamental incompatibility between an "article" and "topic" are going to be hard to overcome.

Expanding Brain (ExBr), an outlining blog
May 07, 2005
Iron Lute

Blog of interest: Expanding Brain (ExBr), a blog about "Windows outliners, software development and starting a new business". Also of note is that the author has set up a wiki for outliner topics.

The author and I have been exchanging emails, comparing development notes.

Apr 23, 2005
Iron Lute, XBLinJS

I finally have a job, a real job, though I don't start until May 9th. For a while after that I will have an overlap between my real job and my last contract job, but after that, I hope to finally have some time to spend with a clear conscience on my open source projects that I want to work on, especially Iron Lute which has been seriously neglected (though not quite ignored).

In Iron Lute news, in the intervening years since I last analysed the graphical toolkits for whether I can build an outliner with them, GTK has become possible to use without too much hassle. Since this is about the fifth time I've switched major ways of doing business on the GUI front, I've got the independent stuff pretty well factored out, and it's going well. I got TK to a point that was almost satisfactory, but the graphical performance was poor; the node indicators (the thing you see to the left of each node) were getting painted in a seperate pass from the text, so while scrolling or doing other things, it looked horrible. GTK doesn't have that problem, and at this point I don't anticipate any other major problems.

XBLinJS is about ready for a 0.5 release pending me getting off my duff and testing and fixing it up on IE 6, which should happen soonish, but no promises.

Here's hoping the job lasts a while.

Frontier Open Sourcing
May 18, 2004
Iron Lute

will apparently be open source in the near future
. I've actually
spent a significant time with the product, and I have an interesting
perspective on this issue as I
have a project started in no small part because of the closed nature
of the Frontier code
. (A project, I might add, that I really,
really, really wish I could get back to, but a guy's gotta eat.)

Read the rest (1633 words)

Iron Lute back burnered
Apr 06, 2004
Iron Lute

Well, Iron Lute is getting firmly placed on the back burner, 'cause I've been laid off my job and I need to concentrate on things that will make money. I do intend to get back to it but I have no idea when that will be.

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