Discussion for Big Haskell Projects Listhttp://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#CommentsDiscussion for Big Haskell Projects Listen-usFri, 19 Oct 2018 22:35:14 -0000 by Jeremy Bowers http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment13<p>(Should have done this in one reply, oh well.)</p> <p>The "Libraries_and_tools" list has the problem that I can't analyze them because there are too many things, and such lists are generally designed to include everything, no matter what, so as to make the language look as dynamic as possible. </p> <p>My experience with other such lists is that they border on the deceptive, often including projects that have been dead for years, or projects that just <i>barely</i> do what they say on the tin, or projects that don't even do what they say they do yet as their description is a statement of <i>intent</i>, not capability.</p> <p>Imagine taking 10 random modules from CPAN, selected from a uniform distribution of all the latest versions, and trying to determine Perl's suitability for any task. Odds are you won't get a good picture.</p> http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment13 by Jeremy Bowers http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment12<p>I would be happy to consider commercial apps, but someone is going to have to tell me which products are based on Haskell and have many users, and which merely use Haskell in a few places, or have no users, because obviously I can't buy all of these projects to evaluate them.</p> <p>Linspire looks particularly interesting, because it looks like they are talking about writing their system admin tools in Haskell, which would definitely be an interesting discussion for Haskell skeptics, because if there's anything that's the opposite of a clean, mathematical domain, it's system administration. Showing that Haskell can be a better sysadmin tool than Perl in at least some ways would be a very interesting article.</p> http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment12 by Andriy Palamarchuk http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment11<p>Check out http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Haskell_in_industry if you take commercial usage of Haskell into account.</p> <p>Did you review http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Libraries_and_tools ?</p> <p>These lists contains some very interesting software.</p> http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment11 by David MacIver http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment10<p>How about HAppS (http://happs.org/)? I don't know how big the actual codebase is, but it seems to support a lot of features and is used in a number of smaller projects. It's definitely more than just a toy project.</p> http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2568#comment10