posted Aug 01, 2000

Napster Press Room Music & MP38/1/2000; 12:41:15 PM Not much going on today or yesterday, but I wanted to point to this earlier, except my machine wouldn't read the PDF.In Napster's Press Room, in the legal section, is the document requesting a stay of last Friday's injunction, straight from the horse's mouth.In particular, I've heard a lot of people saying "Napster didn't have to come down, they were just ordered to remove all copyrighted material from the server." This document counters that claim (with credence added by the fact that the injunction was indeed stayed) by pointing out that when pressed, even the labels are unable to determine the copyright status of any given piece of music in any sort of timely fashion, or on a bulk scale. This is not make-believe, they really tried and failed. The only choice Napster would have, in light of the number of songs the service indexes, would be to come down entirely.Note that the percentage really didn't matter. Even if only .01% of the songs on the service were in violation of copyright, Napster would still have had to come down, because ferreting out those songs (and filtering through and proving that the rest were OK) would still have been impossible.If the labels can't even do it, how can Napster, or, indeed, Napster's users?


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