posted Aug 01, 2000

Market researcher sues AOL, others for blocking email Spam & E-Mail8/1/2000; 1:03:18 PM 'Harris Interactive said it is suing Internet service providers including America Online for blocking the online market researcher's email from reaching registered participants.'Also named in the suit are Microsoft's HotMail, Qwest Communications International and other Internet service providers. Harris said its email is being blocked even though it contacts only those who have registered to take part in its surveys. It doesn't send unsolicited mail.'Keep an eye on this case, it's another one that will probably be under-reported because the implications are too subtle to be seen immediately by the press.This is similar in many senses to the eBay cases (filter on eBay if you have IE5+ or Mozilla M16+)... do I have a right to access your computers for communicating to others, which is then violated if you block me? Also, the Yesmail vs. MAPS that has been left unresolved touches on many of the same access issues.


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