posted Aug 01, 2000

"If You Can Put It On A T-Shirt, It's Speech" DVD & DeCSS8/1/2000; 1:32:46 PM 'We got word last night that Copyleft has joined the ranks of the named defendants in the DeCSS suit - they received their subpoena yesterday, because they "distribute" the DeCSS source code - on t-shirts.'I suppose this is their reward for being used as an example by Touretzky.It's the logical conclusion of the testimony. What's interesting to me is that this is almost an implicit admission by the MPAA that there are indeed speech issues involved... since it nearly torpedos their case to admit that, it's wierd that they'd do this. Yet I suppose they had to, since they can't afford for this 'loophole' to remain open. I suspect they are doing this with heavy hearts, knowing this is probably the loss of the case for them either way...


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