posted Aug 02, 2000

EBay Accused of Monopolization Content Integrity8/2/2000; 2:11:02 PM 'The judge in the eBay v. Bidder's Edge case has refused to throw out antitrust allegations leveled by the auction listing re-aggregator against auction giant eBay. 'Bidder's Edge contends that eBay behaved anticompetitively and that therefore the company is guilty of monopolization or at least attempted monopolization.'Mmmmmm... "anticompetitively" because eBay won't let Bidder's Edge use a substantial portion of eBay's bandwidth for reasons that eBay will find possibly economically damaging? I'm having a hard time with this "we have the right to access eBay's data and do whatever we want with it, and if they don't let us, it's anticompetitive" argument coming from Bidder's Edge. Flip it around... why is eBay obligated to let Bidder's Edge in?


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