posted Aug 27, 2000

Dutch papers fail in internet copyright case Country Watch: Netherlands8/27/2000; 3:42:48 PM 'Leading Dutch newspapers yesterday failed to prevent an online news service from providing direct links to articles on newspaper websites, in a legal ruling that helps define the limits of internet copyright. 'PCM, publisher of most of the country's national dailies, had sought an injunction against the recently established, whose site consists largely of news headlines. Clicking on any of these takes an internet user to the full text of the article, displayed on the site of the newspaper itself. 'There's a prime example of an atrocious Internet metaphor in the article:'PCM had argued that this was equivalent to "knocking a hole in a side wall of a cafe" owned by someone else, and demanding that those who entered by that route "bought a drink from a stall set up outside". 'Granted, if you read the article you see there's some reason for that silliness, but still... hyperlinks as knocking holes in walls? Some people just don't belong on the Internet.


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