posted Aug 29, 2000

TRUSTe admits to violating its own privacy policy
Privacy from Companies
8/29/2000; 11:01:06 AM 'TRUSTe, perhaps the Internet's most-recognized nonprofit privacy watchdog organization, learned a jarring lesson on privacy itself, when it downloaded free visitor tracking software from's subsidiary Web site two weeks ago.

'The TRUSTe "trustmark" logo visible on a Web site tells surfers that their personal information is safe because the site follows TRUSTe's code of privacy conduct. While TRUSTe's logo at the top of its own Web page is always in plain view, tracking software discovered by a security expert on TRUSTe's site was invisible to visitors. Use of the tracking software violated TRUSTe's own privacy policy and the policies it certifies 1,000 other Web sites to follow. '


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