posted Sep 01, 2000

Ain't no network strong enough Misc.9/1/2000; 10:44:43 AM 'Master cryptographer Bruce Schneier's "Secrets and Lies" explains why computer security is an oxymoron.'His basic contention is that humans will always screw up, thus no (human-built) system will be secure. It's very hard to challenge that line of reasoning. The more real-world experience you have, the harder it gets to challenge.I'm going to be very contrary to what seems to be public opinion, and say I hope Bruce Schneier is correct. A system with perfect security also strongly implies a system with perfect control, which will presumably belong to a someone or a small group of someones. The price we would have to pay for systems with perfect security is too high, compared to a world where nothing is quite secure.On a lighter note, how will William Gibson's Neuromancer ever come to pass if there's perfect security?


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