posted Sep 05, 2000

Amazon's new privacy regs may backfire Privacy from Companies9/5/2000; 12:42:13 PM 'The noble mission to 'empower' on-line consumers reached new heights recently as retail powerhouse released an updated corporate manifesto affecting its American customers and guests, and so blessed us all with firm knowledge that we have no reason to expect any such thing as privacy while doing business on their Web site. 'The on-line advertising and retail industries have long resented slack talk involving such dangerous ideas as the need for federal privacy legislation, vehemently insisting that they can regulate themselves according to market pressures, so it was about time someone cleared up a few lingering popular misconceptions.'Shut up and $hop!... oops, sorry, got carried away there.This is a great article, they take a boring, depressing story and turn it into a joy to read with sarcasm and wit.Update: Amazon also seems they can play pricing games and then deny it. Thanks, Amazon, for proving that when e-commerce sites get big, they'll turn just as evil as other corporations.


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