posted Sep 06, 2000

Maryland's UCITA May Have National Reach UCITA9/6/2000; 4:01:36 PM 'In less than a month, the controversial software licensing measure UCITA will become law for the first time, in Maryland. And it's an event with potential national implications for all end-user companies.'...vendors can still cite Maryland law as their "choice of law" in a licensing contract, no matter where the vendor and licensee are located, said Jean Braucher, a University of Arizona law professor in Tucson and critic of the measure. "The key point is, you don't need any connection with Maryland, at least under UCITA," she said.'Pay attention, this will affect you. The IS department where I work, which has had a fairly lax policy on foreign software, will probably have to crack down... we probably can't afford people entering binding contracts just so they can play Squash Zippy the Bear or some other stupid Macromedia game. The new era of Trojan Horses is nearly upon us, and the damage they do may well go beyond any technical virus could do...


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