posted Sep 07, 2000

Quiet after yesterday's burst Personal Commentary9/7/2000; 6:34:33 PM After yesterday's burst of news, a relatively quiet day. Amazon leaked some addresses to some people; it was attributed to a technical failure and from the description, I find that highly likely. Other then a reminder that there is always failure in human systems, not that big a deal .Carnivore will march on despite criticism... well, who expected anything else? The list of people and organizations the FBI has to answer to is quite short, and "the public" isn't on it, except I suppose in theory.On a more personal note, I'm engaged in what's called the "capstone project" for my undergraduate education. This particular semester, the class was broken into groups of 3 or 4 and dispersed amounst 10 or so local businesses, to do something to prove that we can work in teams and solve real-world problems. We will do this by spending a semester engaged in activities that will bear a striking resemblance to my job... oh well, who really goes to school to learn things anyhow?The prof gathered a number of different types of businesses, including things like Melting Moments (an ice cream shop), the MSU Bootery (a local shoe store, emphasis on boots), and the like. At the last minute, one of these stores dropped out and a law firm was added.Guess who gets to work with the law firm? (No, I did not swing the issue either way, nor did the prof know about this site, as far as I can tell. Still doesn't, as far as I know.)This is the last time I'll mention this (and you'll note the lack of details like names), because I'm sure it would make the law firm uncomfortable. It's just interesting to see how life turns out some times.


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