posted Sep 16, 2000

Olympic Coverage Personal Notes9/16/2000; 12:04:44 PM On a topic utterly unrelated to iRights...If you enjoy watching the Olympics and live in the US you likely detest what passes for Olympic coverage around here, which is usually about 50% sports, and 50% "While we own your eyes, we'd like you to [watch the premiere of this new show, watch this unutterably annoying and sappy "human interest" story, forget that anybody but the US is competing]. If you live in the Northern US, try to find out if you can get the Canadian Broadcasting Channel... I watched it yesterday, and instead of seeing NBC run a tease about a swimmer named Thorpe coming on 'tommorow' (Hype! Hype! Hype!), I watch a guy named Thorpe swim. I am seriously wondering if the CBC will be a day ahead for the entire games or not...Definately check it out if you want to see the Olympics and not an NBC produced pageant vaguely related to the Olympics.


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