posted Sep 17, 2000

Mobile Phones Redefine Cities Technology & Sociology9/17/2000; 6:46:05 PM Missed this from Sept. 6...'[Anthony Townsend, an associate research scientist at New York University's Taub Urban Research Center] said much of the behavior and structure of the city at an aggregate level is based upon individual behavior. '"So the introduction of this cute little device (mobile phones) would slip under the radar of urbanists, even though it fundamentally changes the way individuals interact -- which consequently alters the behavior of the entire system," he said. 'Townsend believes that the architecture and urban design of an information society ought to revel in data, information, and experience.'About the only thing I'd disagree with is the implicit assumption I think I see in the article that the world of cell-phones and the world of the internet and the PC are somehow different. The gains will multiply together, because they aren't really seperate.


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