posted Sep 18, 2000

Judge slams Palm Pilot and Web use in Las Vegas murder case Technology & Sociology9/18/2000; 7:54:04 PM Lately, it's been the legal system whacking on the internet. In this story, the internet gets a little retaliation in.(Please don't correct the gross generalities in that statement and just pretend to enjoy the irony, OK?)'A US judge has slammed jurors who revealed murder trial information on the Net and used a Palm Pilot to track press reports on the case....'But the defence asked for a retrial when it emerged that one juror had used a Palm Pilot to read press reports of the case. Other jurors had also apparently posted trial information on chatrooms....'But he was not impressed by the jurors concerned, and decided to name and shame them in his 12-page ruling. 'When some jurors "decide to reveal the sanctity of their deliberations on the Internet for the entire world to see....or bring electronic devices into the jury room that are capable of downloading extraneous material; all of their deserved commendations do not make them immune from the rules of law," he wrote. 'Bonaventure named jurors Elmer Glazener, who brought his Palm Pilot into the jury room, and Chris Sowell, who put a lot of information on the deliberation process on noticeboards.'


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