posted Sep 20, 2000

Security firm tests FBI limits with e-mail surveillance tool Surveillance and Privacy from Government9/20/2000; 11:08:00 AM 'A security company has designed an open and free alternative to the FBI's Carnivore e-mail surveillance tool that it hopes will provide a more palatable choice to wary Internet service providers and privacy advocates....'While the FBI refuses to comment on specific products, spokeswoman Chris Watney confirmed that the information is all the bureau is interested in. How they get it, as long as it's legal and complete, doesn't matter, she said.'This will probably push that issue to see how true that is.'Graham hopes that making the technology less of a mystery will cause everyone to focus more on the privacy and legality questions about Carnivore, which Congress has been attempting to deal with through legislation. '"We founded this company in order to protect peoples' privacy," Graham said. "By showing the source code for Altivore, we're narrowing the debate to the true issues."'And that can't hurt. I'm glad they've done this, and I hope it works as they hope.


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