posted Sep 26, 2000

CueCat profiling potential described Privacy from Companies9/26/2000; 9:26:38 AM 'Freebie bar-code scanner CueCat, which enables users to swipe bar codes in print media and have their browser immediately directed to related information on the Web, uses software which transmits all the information that maker Digital:Convergence would need to record every bar code that every user scans, and which could be used to profile users, an advisory by the Privacy Foundation explains. 'Another feature enables users so inclined to connect their PC sound card to their TV audio output. The CueCat software then listens for signals encoded within the audio of television programmes and advertisements that convey information comparable to a barcode.'Normally, I'd have linked directly to the report, but I wanted to reward The Register for being clueful enough to include a link to the report at the end of their article!Anyhow, the article in question is here.


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