posted Sep 27, 2000

LinkBack reset again LinkBack9/27/2000; 8:49:24 AM LinkBack was reset again, due to a large number of issues, including the computer it is running on only having 64 megabytes of ram, which I was being rather wasteful of. A new slimmer LinkBack is now running, which will hopefully stay stable, except for the lousy network connection @Home gives me, which I can't do much about.To make up for that, I'd like to extend a Manila-only offer to LinkBack participants (I think that's all anybody's using anyhow). If you'd like to have a "Sites Recently Linking To Me" box on your sit (that you can call whatever you like), please let me know. What I can do is create two messages on your site. One will contain the details listing (like this) and one will just have a list of links, seperated by BR tags. (If you'd rather have a bulletted list that can be arranged.) I'm not quite ready to do this, but please let me know if you'd be interested. If nobody's interested I'll just leave the hack in that lets it work for me and not make it systematic so it will work for anybody.


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