posted Sep 27, 2000

Congressman: I Want My MP3 Music & MP39/27/2000; 9:12:10 AM 'A bill introduced in the House could dramatically alter the landscape that led to massive copyright violations against, and open the door for competitors to stream into the digital locker space unimpeded by licensing agreements. 'Representative Rich Boucher (D-Virginia) -- along with three Republicans -- introduced legislation Monday that would make it legal to create a database of sound recordings for the sole purpose of transmitting those recordings to individuals who had previously purchased music.'Wired links the words "database of sound recordings" to the text of the proposed bill, which is kind of odd, but at least they're trying.I think this is an excellent reminder that laws aren't the final say in whether something is right or wrong, because the law is easily changed by the right people. For some reason this has been a particularly big issue in the digital music debate.


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