posted Sep 27, 2000

Microsoft Spamming?
Spam & E-Mail
9/27/2000; 2:52:58 PM 'judges1617 writes [on Slashdot]: ''Microsoft is now testing a beta version of their MSN Explorer that sends e-mails to everyone in your Outlook Address, informing them that your e-mail address has changed and invites them to to try MSN. Even the people who use MSN are complaining, but M$ refuses to acknowledge it is doing anything wrong. Read the whole story here'' The best part of this article is the MS reps argument about why this isn't spam "The e-mail you received was an invitation from MSN Explorer, sent on behalf of an existing user who changed their e-mail address and wants you to try MSN Explorer." I guess we can add "Spamming" as another "Business" where Microsoft can use its monopoly status to its advantage.'

This is really borderline unethical, sending out e-mails claiming to be from some person but actually written by Microsoft. That's close to lying about who sent the message.


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