posted Sep 27, 2000

Carnivore Review Team Exposed! Surveillance and Privacy from Government9/27/2000; 9:18:49 PM Wow, is this ever a screw-up on the part of the Justice Department!'Now it turns out that an embarrassing oversight by the Justice Department has revealed confidential information about the team of researchers hired to conduct the review. 'On Tuesday, the Justice Department placed the 51-page PDF file online, with project information such as names, phone numbers, and government security clearances erased with thick black bars....', operated by online archivist John Young, placed the unaltered version of the document online on Wednesday.'You may recall a similar event occurred with the New York Times attempting to obscure data in a PDF. It's actually kind of funny, because what they are doing is just what they do with physical documents: Black out the sensitive parts. It's just that with PDFs, just because you put a big black box over something doesn't mean it's gone. It's a lot like this white text: -->If you highlight this, you can see it.<-- highlight this and you can still see it, because the data is still there. 'The previously hidden information reveals that the members of the review team at the IIT Research Institute, affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology, enjoy a close relationship with the federal government in general, and the Clinton administration in particular.... It also shows that all the reviewers listed either worked on large-scale government projects or currently hold active security clearances. Those clearances include a top secret rating from the National Security Agency, a top secret rating from the Department of Defense and other ratings from the Treasury Department.'This almost ruins the whole review. Its whole purpose is to make us feel better, and I don't think it can do that anymore.


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