posted Sep 30, 2000

Digital Signiture Law To Go Into Effect This Weekend Misc.9/30/2000; 7:39:46 PM 'The law is designed to make consumers and businesses feel more secure about sealing big-ticket deals, such as buying a house, online by making an electronic signature just as binding as one in ink. While that legal guarantee is expected to accelerate the growth of e-commerce, the law may be more of a boon for companies developing e-signature technology than for consumers or businesses, analysts said.'All I can say is that I have no intention of obtaining or using a digital signiture until my primary concern is addressed:'Concerns of fraud remain high. The bill doesn't set standards for e-signatures or provide a defense against fraud, whereas the Fair Credit Billing Act of 1975 gives consumers protection against fraud over $50. It also intentionally leaves open the type of technology that can be used for the online transactions. Signatures may be a cinch to forge--some say stealing a password or faking an electronic autograph is far easier than duplicating a handwritten signature.'If a case of fraud comes up, the easiest defense will be "I have no digital signiture, therefore I could not possibly have conducted that transaction."


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