posted Oct 03, 2000

Napster Case: Hard Queries on Copyrights
Music & MP3
10/3/2000; 12:58:07 PM 'The exchange today created a sharply different courtroom atmosphere from that of two months ago when a lower court ordered Napster to stop aiding the exchange of copyrighted music. That court's preliminary injunction was quickly stayed, setting the stage for today's hearing, during which the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit considered whether to reinstate the injunction pending trial.'

I like the tone of what I'm hearing much more then I liked the tone of Judge Patel's case. I think Patel's decision was a strong knee-jerk reaction in favor of Big Money over those Upstart Thieving Punks. As long as we see an honest considered opinion rendered by this court, with an eye out for the future and what effects this decision will have, I will be happy. Based on this story, I think that we can at least hope for a considered opinion from this court.


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