posted Oct 03, 2000

Web-chopping comes home to the desktop Content Integrity10/3/2000; 1:36:20 PM 'These programs, with names like DoDots, Snippets, Yodlee, Onepage and Octopus, are actually browsers on steroids that put the user in charge of the Internet experience by providing a set of tools which allow the surfer to copy and paste content from an infinite number of web sites into one personally-designed web page.... Octopus even allows users to post their personally designed web-pages on the site, so that people with similar interests can use the new design rather than have to create their own version.'What users do on their own systems is basically up-to-them; publishing the slicing & dicing instructions goes to far, but I've been over that already. What's interesting is this quote at the end: 'Analyst Jakob Nielsen is convinced that these new technologies will force content providers to come up with new concepts for revenue - such as setting up arrangements with ISP's or charging subscriptions or micro-payments.'A reminder that if you abuse a system, it can change. If you have to pay to access it ceases to be such a big deal to construct 'personalized' home pages, because as long as people get their money, they tend to be happy.


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