posted Oct 09, 2000

The Mojo solution
Technology & Sociology
10/9/2000; 2:22:46 PM

'Still, Mojo Nation looks more a like a libertarian dream come true than anything else that's out there. It is nothing short of the first-ever encryption-protected, user-run, open-source, file-sharing marketplace. It essentially takes the decentralized model of other Napster alternatives like Freenet and Gnutella and adds on a layer of laissez-faire experimentation.

'Home-brewed currency, or "Mojo," lies at the core of this new world. Users cannot simply take and give as they do with Napster and every other file-sharing service. Rather, those who download the free, open-source new release in November must use Mojo to buy and sell content for prices that they themselves determine.'

This is some wild stuff. I like the central idea, which is that nothing is free. It might encourage people to produce quality files, rather then the crap that fills Napster. 


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