posted Oct 09, 2000

Warner attempts to out-hack DVD hackers DVD & DeCSS10/9/2000; 3:00:24 PM

'Time Warner's home video division has changed DVD's region coding scheme to make it even harder to play movies sold in one territory in another.... 'According to a leaked internal Warner Home Video document posted on Web site DVD Debate, the company began shipping discs with an "enhanced" region code at the start of this month. '"This program is a response to the unauthorised practice of altering DVD video hardware players so that they bypass the region code requirements for DVD," the document states. "This is happening on a more frequent basis in many territories, and retailers are openly marketing these non-complying players with names such as 'region-free' and 'multi-zone'."'

Prediction: This will break some perfectly compliant DVD players and end up having to be recalled because of that. This kind of thing rarely works once you have a large installed base.


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