posted Oct 09, 2000

Privacy Digest:
10/9/2000; 3:07:12 PM

Privacy Digest has a good link to an article in Security Focus about an international treaty on cybercrime, including highlights from the author of the article.

This is important stuff. It's basically inevitable that we will see international treaties drawing lines; this one is terrifying and I hope it goes down in flames. The article points out that some aspects would violate the US Constitution.

'Following months of criticism from industry, security and privacy experts, the Council of Europe released a new draft of its international treaty on Cybercrime last week. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have been listening to anyone.

'The new draft fills in a few gaps on issues such as wiretapping and jurisdiction, but most of the controversial provisions on issues such as security tools and access to encrypted data are unchanged, or are even worse than before.'


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