posted Oct 23, 2000

Blurring the Lines of Digital Art
Free Speech
10/23/2000; 11:20:43 AM

'In 1994, the Whitney was the first major institution to collect a work of Net art, Douglas Davis' "The World's First Collaborative Sentence." Earlier this year, the museum included Net art in its prestigious biennial exhibition, considered a barometer of what's hot in contemporary art.

'And now, digital art is so hot that it deserves its own show. Two shows, in fact.

'The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is also presenting a major exhibition of digital art: 010101: Art in Technological Times early next year. The Web component launches on Jan. 1; the gallery component opens on March 3.'

The power of computing enables new forms of speech. This will be an important consideration in the reformulation of copyright law.


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