posted Oct 23, 2000

Who ya gonna call? Patent busters!
10/23/2000; 11:26:16 AM 'Charles Cella used to help start-ups like ARTISTdirect apply for Internet business method patents. Now the attorney-turned-CEO plans to make money busting them.

'Why the change of heart? "Because there are a lot of bad patents out there, and there are a lot of valid patents too," he says. "What needs fixing is the system of 'prior art.'"

'"Prior art," says Cella, referring to a legal term used to describe inventions that invalidate patents by proving that they aren't new ideas, "is just too hard to find."'

While I think BountyQuest is an interesting and fun idea, they still promote the idea that software patents are OK. I hate to be cynical, but they are making money strengthing the patent system. Clever, but I'm not handing them accolades for anything else.


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