posted Nov 04, 2000 Deregistered From DNS Servers Political Speech11/4/2000; 6:36:29 PM has been de-registered from DNS servers; that link should not work. To visit the site, you can use the IP address: (this bypasses a splash-screen). Of particular interest is their legal documents section.From what I can gather from the web-law list at, which one of the "makers" of mailed (his word, not mine), a Missouri Attorney-General or court ordered, via e-mail, a Switzerland "meta-registry" ( to de-register the domain. (CORE is also apparently a defendent in the civil action in Missouri.) A Missouri restraining order taking effect on a Swiss entity. Isn't the Internet fun?According to the source on the list, is threatening to sue CORE if they don't re-instate the entry. Wierd stuff, man.The message is here but you have to be a member to read it.


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