posted Nov 06, 2000

Calif. Shuts 'Nader Trader' Vote Swap Web Sites Political Speech11/6/2000; 9:18:47 PM 'California authorities have shut down a vote swap web site aimed at so-called ``Nader traders'' -- people in battleground states who agree to vote for Democrat Al Gore if someone in a less contested state votes for the Green Party's Ralph Nader.'``We did notify the site manager that they were in violation ofCalifornia election law and they did need to cease activities onthe Web site, and they complied,'' Shad Balch, a spokesmanfor California Secretary of State Bill Jones, said Tuesday.'Old news, from Oct. 31, 2000. Interesting because vote trading may or may not be legal, depending on what state you are in and how that state interprets its own laws. California laws shut down a nation-wide website.


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