posted Nov 07, 2000

Court lets company pursue download patent rights Patents11/7/2000; 12:12:35 PM 'E-Data, which says it owns the technology that allows information to be distributed via the Web, will be allowed to continue its legal bid to collect royalties from scores of Web sites. 'The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit threw out late Friday a lower court's decision that E-Data's patent did not entitle the company to charge fees to the thousands of sites that sell downloads of video games, music and other products online....'The case had at one time been closely watched because, had the courts agreed with E-Data's interpretation of the patent laws, tens of thousands of sites might have owed the company royalties for software downloads.'Yes, all of those tens of thousands of sites that dare use the Internet to do the non-obvious: Move data from one place to another. Damn, I wish I thought of that!


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