posted Nov 13, 2000

Law to protect [Australian] artists imminent
Country Watch: Australia
11/13/2000; 11:33:17 AM

'Seven years after it was first seriously suggested, Australia is finally close to implementing what nearly 70 countries have long taken for granted: moral rights for artists....

'The bill contains three basic rights: the right to attribution, the right against false attribution, and - the most contentious - the right to integrity. This would allow artists to protest against "derogatory" treatment of their work - a book published with a chapter removed, for example, or a painting hung in the wrong position.'

The right to integrity is the right that has intrigued me most over the past few months.  Much of the 'goodness' in modern copyright law stems from that right. Much of the big debates (not counting Napster) have really stemmed from this concern about integrity in one form or another. It's interesting to watch a country adding that right into their system.


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